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    Sunday, May 31st, 2020
    1:28 pm

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    Thursday, April 26th, 2018
    8:02 pm
    Anybody know how to get around the firewalls here? No reason.
    Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
    12:16 am
    Here’s hopes that I escape the journal-reaper. But none of you can blame me, as I’m trying to work Seth Rollins and escape with my life.

    Wrestlemania is helping me follow along the Chris Jericho Career-Mode by throwing me in a triple threat against a wily and sneaky champion, as well as a technical loon who kicks like shit. I’m feckin’ here for it. Ten years from now, when I’m host of my own internet empire, you’ll look back on these updates and thoughts and say “Wot a fucking goon Fergal Devitt is” and change the channel on the streaming info to your head.

    Got a chance to sneak to the theaters recently and see not “Black Panther”. Okay I did but that’s not the point to this story. But took ten bucks for the early show and saw “Fifty Shades Freed”. This must of been Christian in bulking phase so he was a bit in the dumps, however we share an affinity for interestingly chested women. There’s that. There’s also the theme of danger that seems to hover around a proper adventure, even in our working day. Best review I can give if it is that menace arrives, then leaves in the next scene. Just so we can watch the Grey/Steele’s have French Vanilla sex. Won’t say it’s the standard Catholic house type, but if THATS kinky, I must be on a watch-list somewhere.

    Give me the unknown. Give me the spice. That feeling of hair raising that sets in and doesn’t leave for an hour. On a better note, Dakota and Jamie finally seem like they like each other. Me? I prefer “nymphomaniac Vol. 2” and not for the obvious reasons. Any real freaks want to watch that, seek me out and let’s argue.
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